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Gear Pumps

Gear Pumps

Hydraulic gear pumps are compact light-weight but tough enough to withstand the harshest environments. Gear pumps are used in any application where hydraulic power is needed. Used in construction equipment, agricultural equipment, dump trailers and many other applications.

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    Hydraulic Gear Pump PI

    Constructed of an aluminium center section and cast iron end plates, model GP-F20 is a high pressure hydraulic gear pump with many displacement sizes from 0.24 - 1.95 in3/rev. (4 - 32 cm3/rev). The standard mounting flange is a SAE A - 2 bolt. Standard drive shaft is a 5/8" straight shaft with 5/32" key.

    Clockwise Rotation

    Max Pressure 3,000 PSI, Rated RPM 2,000 RPM, Max RPM 3,600. Inlet Ports SAE#12 Outlet Ports SAE#10

    0.48 CID



    • $143.00
    • SKU : 620122


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